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Founded in 2004, BLOW is a team of professional dancers that can handle everything from planning and management to production and staging. BLOW strives to deliver unique and intuitive performances that can be enjoyed by young and old alike, and currently hosts 2, 3 shows a year, as well as a multitude of smaller performances.
In 2006, BLOW became the first street dancers ever to perform in the Sydney Opera House Concert Hall. In 2007, BLOW performed in Seoul as guest dancers for an international exchange event hosted by a Korean Japanese group.
As the Meguro branch of NPO Soaring Dream Robots (Habataku Yume Robot, aka Sho-chan Fund), BLOW has also been involved in charity activities for the care and education of children suffering from serious illness. In 2009, BLOW was certified by Meguro city as a community action group.
BLOW is continuously seeking opportunities to collaborate with artists from various fields to further draw out the limitless potentials of dance.

BLOW values gemotionsh.
We are prepared to take responsibility for whatever emotion we may invoke in you!
BLOW, the all-girls dance entertainment group of 11, reaches out to you and the world with creativity!!

Photo in 2008


Forte: Street jazz / Dance career: 13 years
BLOWfs founder and leader.
WAKANA competed in the National Cheerleading Championship at the age of 16. She later graduated as a valedictorian from the Dance program at SHOBI Music College, Tokyo.
In 2004, WAKANA flew to Australia, where she produced various events and shows as a manager at DANCEKOOL, the largest street dance studio down under. During her stay in Sydney, WAKANA also taught dance classes at The University of New South Wales, as well as at a local girlsf reform school. After returning to Japan, WAKANA has continued to work with BLOW, at the same time actively engaging in charity events as an event director at NPO Soaring Dream Robots.
WAKANA is currently working aggressively to establish a community that links Asia-Pacific through dance.
(Career Highlights)
Pepsi Australia website (2005): gPick-up dancerh
gLink to the Worldh International Music & Dance Festival at the Sydney Opera House (2006): Director, choreographer, dancer
Urban Music Awards Australia and New Zealand 2006, opening act: Dancer



Forte: Jazz
MIYO has vast experience performing and choreographing for stages, musicals, concerts, music videos, TV shows, TV commercials, and events. She is also active as an instructor of dance, a director, producer, planner of stage performances and events, and as a trainer of younger generations.
(Career Highlights)
gMusic Stationh (music program on ASAHI TELEVISION, 2004): Back dancer for Ken Hirai
SEAMO with BENNIE K music video ga love storyh (2005): Dancer
gLink to the Worldh International Music & Dance Festival at the Sydney Opera House (2006): Dancer



Forte: Modern, jazz / Dance career: 24 years
YOHfs dance career begun at the age of 4 with modern ballet. At the age of 5, she experienced her first stage performance at Expo f85 (Tsukuba, Japan), where she learned the joy of dancing and the excitement of performing on stage. Since then, she has participated and succeeded in various performances and contests. YOH graduated from the Dance program at SHOBI Music College, Tokyo in 2000. She continues to work in various fields, performing as back dancers for musicians and choreographing for stages and kids programs.
(Career Highlights)
National Jazz Dance Contest 1994: 2nd place
The 2nd Kitakyushu & Asia Whole Country Dance Concours (1993): 7th place
gLink to the Worldh International Music & Dance Festival at the Sydney Opera House (2006): Dancer



Forte: Hip hop / Dance career: 11 years
A dancer, dance instructor, choreographer, and model, MAYUKI can be spotted not only on the stage, but also in dance studios, TV commercials, music videos, fashion magazines, and various events and concerts!
(Career Highlights)
CD by Sanrio Puro Land / Toshiba EMI: Vocalist and dancer
D'CLARIFIRE dance contest: 1st place
PERSONA MUSIC LIVE -Velvetroom-: Choreographer, dancer



Forte: Club jazz / Dance career: 10 years
After graduating high school, MAITAKE went on to the Dance program at SHOBI Music College, Tokyo, where she was trained in various genres of dance, including ballet, jazz, and hip hop. MAITAKE is actively involved in various dance scenes, including club showcases, stage performances, musicals, live sessions, and classes. Her current interests are flamenco and Latin dances.
(Career Highlights)
gRAVE 2001h (dance program on TV TOKYO): Dancer
Ai Morioku music video (2003): Dancer
SOULHEAD music video (2004): Dancer
Skoop On Somebody Xmas Concert (2004): Dancer



Forte: Hip hop, pop lock / Dance career: 10 years
A graduate of the Dance program at SHOBI Music College, Tokyo, KEIKO is actively engaged in stage performances, events, and concerts. The talented dancer and instructor is always devoted to thinking out of the box to create something funky!
(Career Highlights)
Eikichi Yazawa Birthday Concert: Back dancer
gLink to the Worldh International Music & Dance Festival at the Sydney Opera House (2006): Dancer
gSPACE SHOWER SWEET LOVE SHOWER 2006h music festival: Dancer



Forte: Tap / Dance career: 10 years
MAMI-ZOfs love of tap dancing begun with her discovery of rhythm tap at the age of 18. A member of BLOW since its founding in 2004, the multi-talented MAMI-ZO continues to contribute with her splendid beats and an array of other skills.
(Career Highlights)
gAnnieh (musical production by Meiji Life Insurance Company, 1994): Dancer
gZatoichih (film by Takeshi Kitano, 2003): Dancer
gPRIDE Shockwave 2005h (martial arts event by FUJI TELEVISION), opening act: Dancer



Forte: Jazz, club jazz / Dance career: 25 years
CHIKA started learning classic ballet at the age of 7, and has since participated in countless shows and events. She later took up aerobics, and won the Kanagawa Aerobics Championship.
In 1998, CHIKA flew to NY for a 3-month intensive lesson in jazz dance, her love for which continues to this day.
CHIKA is currently active as a dancer and instructor of jazz and club jazz, performing, choreographing, and directing various events and performances.
(Career Highlights)
RARAYA TV commercial: Choreographer
Yu Mizushima concert: Director, choreographer, dancer
Tiana Xiao debut live: Director



Forte: Jazz
KANAfs experience ranges from choreographing for films to dancing on various TV shows and concerts. She has also performed in the Sydney Opera House as a member of BLOW. KANA is also responsible for designing our T-shirts and flyers.
(Career Highlights)
gKohaku Uta Gassenh: Dancer
gThe God of Entertainmenth (comedy show on NIPPON TELEVISION): Dancer
gLink to the Worldh International Music & Dance Festival at the Sydney Opera House (2006): Dancer



As our dependable stage manager, TOKO supports our performances from behind the stage. A ballet/hula dancer herself, TOKO sometimes makes an appearance on the stage as well. TOKO is generally a happy and cheery person, but we have to admit she could get a tad scary when she's running a show!

Owner-manager of Mailani feel art studio (Meguro, Tokyo)
Bachelor of Arts in Theatrical Art, Osaka University of Arts



Forte: Jazz, roller skating dance, cheerleading / Dance career: 11 years
As a dance instructor of students from age 3 to 80s, MASA aims to guide her students to gfun and fashionableh performances that can be enjoyed by everyone on and off the stage. With a tendency to jump at anything that catches her interest, MASA is always struggling to sort out her schedule.
(Career Highlights)
Tokyo Disney Land: Dancer (current)
Japan International Sportfishing Exhibition 2004: Dancer
Event-JAPAN 2008: Roller girl
Louis Vuitton fashion show (2006): Roller girl
DIESEL Fukuoka opening party: Roller girl


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